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About Crypto Tracker App

Now, get latest updates and news of Cryptocurrency market along with the live price alerts with Crypto Tracker application. The app enables users to keep track of the latest updates and news of cryptocurrency market and check real-time price updates of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more.

Further, the app can be used to compare prices across exchanges and get a detailed price history graph for the last 24hrs. Keep an eye on their favorite cryptocurrencies that they have marked and stay updated with cryptocurrency market.


Get Latest Updates & News Related to Cryptocurrency Market

With Crypto Tracker, you can get the latest updates and news related to cryptocurrency market. Users can easily track the market without missing a single news related to cryptocurrencies.

Display 6 to 20 Favorite Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Tracker also allows users to mark some of the cryptocurrencies as their favorite so that they can easily track those cryptocurrencies only. They will have a separate screen of favorites, where they can see a list of their favorite coins.

Today Widget

Today Widget also plays an important role when users want to get latest updates and news on their favorite coins. They can easily track the updates with this feature and know the cryptocurrency market condition.


The most important feature of the app is Portfolio that can help users to create their own portfolio of desired cryptocurrencies. They can add purchasing and selling amount in it and keep constant track of their profit and loss. Moreover, it shows profit and loss through pie charts and graphs for easy understanding.

Price History Graph for the Last 24 hrs.

Another major feature is getting detailed price history graph for last 24 hrs., allowing users to compare prices of cryptocurrencies in the last 24hrs. They can get the status update often and check the price that has been shifted in the last hour and 24 hours.

Apple Watch Integration

Crypto Tracker app comes with Apple Watch support too, showing latest updates of 4-20 favorite cryptocurrencies with customizable complications for every watch face.

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